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What cooking workshops can you do with us in Cuk-Cuk?

  • Cooking of Menorca's and Mediterranean Dishes ("Paella", Menorca fish stew -"Caldereta"-, "Fideua"... )
  • Cocktail Workshops
  • Other Gastronomic Experiences 

Below you will be able to find detailed information on each one.


How does it work?

You choose the dish from our offer that you'd like to learn and cook yourself in our cozy kitchen.


You can contact us by phone, email, in person, through facebook... and we agree on a day to make the workshop. We just need two people to make the reservation on the day you prefer, and we will kindly ask you for a deposit to secure the reservation. In case there is already a programmed workshop on the day you selected, you can join in or, if the dish to be cooked on that day does not please you, we can look for some other day.


[ please, bear in mind that all diners attending one same cooking session shall prepare the same dish, except for traditional "paella" or "fideua" with which it is possible -if so wished- to prepare at the same time the classical recipe or the veggie version ]




Our maximum capacity depends on the chosen workshop and it is 8 to 14 people.


On the day agreed all the ingredients and materials will be ready. You will just need to wash your hands, put on an apron, and start having fun.


We will explain to you the chosen dish and will guide you through step by step with all necessary tricks to ensure a tasty result. We have kitchen places with an induction cooking top every  2 people.


While you cookif feeling like it, savour a glass of wine(*) or taste a selection of local cheeses or artisanal cold cured meats, or perhaps a vermouth from the island accompanied with some marinated mussels. Why not, don't you think?


(*) One drink is included in the price of the workshop (it can be a glass of wine, or beer, or other similar drink from our offer), and in case you want more, we have normal bar prices.


Once the dish is done, make yourself comfortable, sit down, and we will be pleased to serve you on the table what you yourself cooked. Enjoy it!!


We will also serve you a dessert to ensure you have a complete and tasteful meal besides having fun learning and cooking.



Our Gastronomic Experiences in Detail


Workshops on Mediterranean and Menorca Cusine

(May thru October)


You can make one of our typical workshops on Mediterranean cuisine (paellas, fish stew, stuffed squid...) where the attendants learn and cook the chosen dish and, depending on the time of the year, the dish is enjoyed in the garden or in the sandstone vaulted dining room.

The workshop includes all materialsdessert, and one drink of your choice,

and of course, if you wish to have more than one drink during the event, we have regular bar prices.


The price goes from 45.00 to 52.00 € per person depending on the chosen dish

(all diners attending one same cooking session shall prepare the same dish, except for traditional "paella" or "fideua" with which it is possible -if so wished- to prepare at the same time the classical recipe or the veggie version)


"Caldereta" (Menorca Fish and Shelfish Stew)

"Arroz Caldoso" (Fumet-wet Rice with red shrimps from Menorca)

"Paella", Traditional Recipe

Seafood "Paella"

Shrimps and Avocado "Paella"

Black "Paella"

"Fideua" (similar to seaffod paella but using noodles instead of rice) 

Stuffed Squid, Menorca Style

Spanish Omelette

Cocktail Workshops


With the same philosophy as in the cooking workshops, you will be the main star in preparing the cocktails. We will offer you several options to choose from ("Gin & Tonic", "Mojito", "Basil Treat", "Black Flower"...) and you yourself -with our guidance- will prepare the chosen cocktail using the classical bartender utensils. The price is 12.00 € per cocktail.


These workshops are to be combined with one of our cooking workshops so that you can prepare the cocktail as an aperitif before the meal or as a drink after it. Whatever you prefer!



Other Gastronomic Experiences


Menorca is a wonderfully fertile island in gastronomic products which are certainly worth to taste.


If you feel like making a tasting in Cuk-Cuk of wines or beers locally produced, or of different Menorca's cheeses and cold cured meats, or would like to attend to the preparation -cooking show- of our specialities, you may find more information at Dining in Cuk-Cuk (Foodie Experiences).


See you soon!!




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