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Please tell us which cooking workshop you'd like to gift and we will prepare a customized GIFT VOUCHER that you can pick up in Cuk-Cuk or, if you prefer it, we can email it to you so that you can print it out yourself.


If the person who receives the gift would rather make a different workshop than the one described in the voucher, it is just necessary to get in touch with us for planning purposes. Only if the price of the finally selected workshop is different to the one initially chosen, the difference is to be paid.


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Mediterranean and Menorca Cuisine Workshops

(May thru October)


You can give as a present one of our typical workshops on Mediterranean cuisine (paellas, fish stew, stuffed squid...) where the attendants learn and cook the chosen dish and, depending on the time of the year, the dish is enjoyed in the garden or in the sandstone vaulted dining room.

The workshop includes all materialsdessert, and one drink of your choice,

and of course, if you wish to have more than one drink during the event, we have regular bar prices.


The price goes from 45.00 to 52.00 € per person depending on the chosen dish

(all diners attending one same cooking session shall prepare the same dish,

except for traditional "paella" or "fideua" with which it is possible -if so wished-

to prepare at the same time the classical recipe or the veggie version)


"Paella" Rices

Rice has the ability to get impregnated with the scents of that with which it is cooked. That, together with its own flavour and pleasant texture, is a fair good reason to explain our unconditional love for paella rices.


Choose a traditional paella from Valencia (meats and vegetables), or a seafood paella, or a black paella, or a veggie paella, In any case you will be right. We will prepare it in the workshop, explaining in detail all the steps to cook the paella.

"Arroz Caldoso" (fumet-wet rice), "Caldereta" (fish stew)

Menorca is well present in these two recipes. In the fumet-wet rice ("arroz caldoso"), besides the delicate and firm flesh of the monkfish, we will employ the delicious red shrimps from Menorca, which will provide the rice with their soft and superb flavour.


The "Caldereta" is another tribute to the Sea. We will be using six kinds of fish and shellfish (monkfish, king shrimps, squid, mussels...) which together with the "fumet" -fish stock- are the main stars of this dish. White rice will only be in this case a side dish.


"Fideua", "Stuffed Squid"...

Another Mediterranean speciality we love to cook is "Fideua". This dish, prepared in a similar way as a paella, is cooked with noodles instead of rice. We will reveal some secrets during the workshop for preparing this dish original from Gandía, a small seaside town in Valencia.


For preparing the stuffed squid we will follow an old Menorca recipe that combines surf and turf flavors.

Cocktail Workshops

You may also give as a present one of our cocktail workshops. The person receiving the gift will be the main star in preparing the cocktails. We will offer several options to choose from ("Gin & Tonic", "Mojito", "Basil Treat", "Black Flower"...) and -with our guidance- the attendant to the workshop will prepare the chosen cocktails using the classical bartender utensils.


Also, if you wish to, you can combine this cocktail workshop with one of our cooking classes so that cocktails can be prepared as an aperitif before the meal or as a drink after it.


Price: 12,00 € for one cocktail


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07760 Ciutadella de Menorca

Balearic Islands, SPAIN


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