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Enjoy in a pleasant and suggestive space as Cuk-Cuk any of our specialities: paellas and other rice dishes, "fideua", fish and shellfish stews, or get to know and taste other Menorca's delicacies as its cheeses or cold cured meats, or its fine pastries.


Our Specialities

While we cook in front of you any of the Mediterranean specialities prepared in Cuk-Cuk, you can placidly savour one glass of Menorca wine and taste the local traditional cheese, which has a somewhat marine bouquet due to the salt deposited by the sea breezes over the grass that will be lately grazed by the Friesian cows so plentiful in the island.


Our specialities are:


First dishes

- Board of artisan cheeses from Menorca

- Assortment of cold cured meats from Menorca 

- Marinated mussels


Main dishes

- "Paella Rices" - Traditional Paella, Seafood Paella, Black Paella...

- "Arroz Caldoso" - Fumet-wet rice with Menorca red shrimps

- "Caldereta" - Menorca fish and shellfish stew

- "Fideua" - A dish similar to seafood paella but made with noodles instead of rice



- Pastissets

- Crespellets de Sucre

(served with caramel and vanilla ice cream)

Tastings of Cheeses and Cured Meats

Tasting of Cheeses and Cold Cured Meats from Menorca

Combine your tasting of drinks with the tasting of typical Menorca products, as the famous "Mahon" cheese, or the cold meats that are prepared and cured at different country properties.


- Cheese: board with "Mahon-Menorca semicured cheese" and "artisan sheep cheese"

   Served with jams and bread

   Price: 8.00 €


- Cold cured meats: sobrasada, pultrú, cuixot, carn i xua, butifarró blanc...

   Assorted dish with three different meats and bread

   Price: 9.00 €

Tastings of Wines and Beers

Tasting of Wines from Menorca

Relax and find all shades in each of the four wines we will be tasting.

They are produced in Menorca (except the rosé, which is from "La Rioja"):

- White, young: "Chardonnay", "Muscat", "Malvasía", and "Merlot" grapes

- Rosé, pale: "Tempranillo" grape

- Red, aged: "Cav. Sauv.", "Merlot", "Syrah" and "Tempranillo" grapes (aged for 3 months)

- Vermouth, red (cold macerated with herbs and spices, and aged in oak barrels)

   [ water and olive oil breadsticks included ]

   Price: 12.00 €

Tasting of Craft Beers from Menorca

Get to know and taste, as an aperitif before your lunch or dinner, four samples of craft beers produced in the island:

- Blond, Lager

- Blond, Kölsh 

- Red, American Ale

- Black, Stout

   [ served with nuts ]

   Price: 9.00 €



Indulge yourself and select some of these gastronomic offers that we propose for enjoying the "Slow Food" concept at a relaxed environment in Cuk-Cuk, a hidden place amid the cobbled streets of Ciutadella's Old Town, in communion with the peace and beauty that radiates from Menorca island.




Sant Pere d'Alcantara, 13

07760 Ciutadella de Menorca

Balearic Islands, SPAIN


Phone +34.971.380.703

Mobile +34.675.263.368

Email restaurante@cuk-cuk.com

Web www.cuk.cuk.com



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